Red House Painters, Mark Kozelek and Sun Kil Moon Guitar Tablature and Lyrics



  1. Lost Verses
  2. The Light
  3. Lucky Man
  4. Unlit Hallway
  5. Heron Blue
  6. Moorestown
  7. Harper Road
  8. Tonight the Sky
  9. Like the River
  10. Tonight in Bilbao
  11. Blue Orchids

1. Lost Verses

I came out from under her warm sheets
Into the brisk late October
If only for one last hope
Not wanting my time with you to be over

I’m staring up into the sky
While all the rain is pouring downward
I’m reaching out for your help
While evil beings hold me backwards

All shapes and shadows move in and out
And hover round my bed
Voices arrive and disappear
I want to talk to them

Darkness disintegrates
I’m rising I’m rising toward a light
A light leading over hills and meadows

I’ve risen up from the dead
With the burning leaves of autumn
If only for one last chance
At all of whom have been defeated

To put on my father’s wool coat
To smell my mother’s fragrances and perfumes
To find my young brothers and sisters
To never leave or let them go

Houses adorned so beautifully
The Marin headland sun
Lost verses well up my eyes and ears
A lone mandolin strums

On Tamalpais warm springs
The many places we
Laid down in sleepy hidden shadows

I see you well and clear
Deep in the moonlight dear
Your radiant August eyes
They are the suns that rise

They are the light that lies
Lay in these lost verses

I came up from under the ocean
Evaporated sea salt water
A mist above the skyline
I haunt the streets of San Francisco

Watch over loved ones and old friends
I see them through their living room windows
Shaken by fear and worries
I want them to know how I love them so

Foghorns will sound and wake you
Is it my voice you hear
Footsteps are moving across the floor
And you know I’m near
Laughter carries up from the hills and you are well and clear

To fall into the light I follow

I feel you oh so near
When morning doves appear
And gusts of April rain
Echo and refrain
Soon finding their place In these lost verses

They fill the foggy days
That hide the hills away
That steal our time
They are the picturesque night
The casting city lights
On the bay it flowing into the ocean glowing

2. The Light

Her eyes could have only been born of this ocean
Delph blue, longing and weepy they want me so much to want you
All wrapped up beside you and winded, After you’ve taken me
My mind’s roaming free, dozing dazy drifting out this evening

With a verse so sweetly sung
Into a world we’ve longed to come
But somehow we are not one

And all her lavender meadows so fragrant and beautiful
And at your dining room table the sun falls on my face so warm
And all the turbulent highways I’ve taken to get here
To you in this home, in this moment, for that I am grateful

Though this house feels like an old lost song
That calls for me to play along
Somehow I don’t belong

The night lit by moon
The day sun
Ooh baby I’m wondering
how come?

The light is nearly gone

Her soul could have only been born of a wild oak
So far reaching and swaying and free but stands stoically alone
When the skies come apart she leans over so helpless and cowering
Until the storms come to cease and somehow she’s the only one standing

And though we’ve grown so close my love
And though these nights we’ve spent so many of
A part of me is numb

Her eyes look up to me, so open and true
Our window’s in perfect clear view
But somehow I can’t see through

3. Lucky Man

Woken up those New York mornings, shivering bones
Thinking out the air well of, her old brownstone
Closed empty kisses, markers time has flown
So hard to find it in us to leave these dreams

To leave these dreams

Growing up Ohio mornings sleeping in late
Ducking out the winter, the school I hate
Listening to my mother talking with her neighbourhood friends
Underneath the drone guitar of lucky man

Stranded out those Florida beaches, poor as a joke
Sails flyin in Merit Islands, lazy blue coast
Cool refrains of ocean rain, echo off of my head
Celebrated summer, friends and brothers, the freedom we felt

And you’re what I remember

Shining down the L.A. highways, glorious sun
Far from you, from my home, and everyone I love
Sinking in the shallow end of her infinite pools
Silver lakes and palisades and Malibu

Woken up those lost young mornings, somewhere in Spain
I couldn’t say the towns I slept, my lovers’ name
Pouring in on Sunday, heaven’s church bell rang
I didn’t know my purpose til I stood and sang
For crowds of passing faces

Woken up to this new Aprils sleepy gray skies
The rain has swept the doves that nest, the gutters rise
The fog it spills into the hills, crawling out East
The windows weep, beside me my love she sleeps and now
Now have I found her

4. Unlit Hallway

Walking down the unlit hallway of life
There’s hope I know
There’s an angel she follows me
Follows me close
She touches my shoulder
Sings words so clear they bring comfort to my ear
She guided me home

Breathe my love, wake my love
Hold me my love

Looking out into the skyline today
How will we ever stay
Composed or smile her soul
rising for miles, soul’s rising for miles

Looking out into this morning she left
How will we ever rest
Staring at the ground we spread her around
They spread her around

Breathe my love, wake my love
Hold me my love

Coming in the haunted city at last
My heart beat fast
Down Kearny, down Pine, down Stockton, down Hyde
She followed me home

And I found you there asleep on my chair
I found you there
And I feel you near like you are still here
I feel you near

Breathe my love, wake my love
Hold me my love

Breathe my love, wake my love
Hold me my love

5. Heron Blue

Don’t cry my love don’t cry no more
A crashing sky a roaring scream
A city drowned in Gods black tears
I cannot bear to see you

She lay under the midnight moon
Her restless body stirring
Until the magic morning hour
Like poison it succumbs her

Her baby skin her old black dress
Her hair it twists round her necklace
Constricts and chokes like ruthless vines
Til sleep she overtakes her

Her room is painted Heron Blue
Lit by candlelight and chandelier
And from her headboard perched so high
A million dreams have passed her

Don’t cry my love don’t cry no more
It overwhelms my breaking heart
A minor swell of violins
I cannot bear to hear them

A mother shepherds her young birds
she fills their mouths and warms their souls
Til they are strong and good to fly
Away from her alone she’ll die

Cradle on quiet old oak limbs
As heaven blew her light fair wind
A breath of soot into her lung
A life, a journeys end in one

Don’t sing that old sad hymn no more
It resonates inside my soul
It haunts me in my waking dream
I cannot bear to hear it

Don’t play those violins no more
Their melancholic overtones
They echo off the floor and walls
I cannot bear to hear them

6. Moorestown

Her window looked out on North Church Street
An attic space overgrown
Of photobooks of smiling friends
Road maps, New York, Los Angeles

Her walls are mediterranean blue
Her baby sister picked the hue
Saltwater taffy, Jersey shore
Blue like the fingernails she wore

Her house is not far from the school
Her mom taught on the Hudson
Her dad’s guitar sings open tuned
Reverberates up through the floor

Our love grew more one summer there
We’d spend our days just driving round
Old parking lots and neighborhoods
Are framed, in charming Moorestown

I followed her across the Earth
Through parks in London, coasts of Perth
Newport, Kentucky, New Orleans
We shared a million laughs it seems

I slept with her so many nights
We moved together heavenly
So close the North Pacific slept
You too were once beside me

She moved away to Williamsburg
Her eyes sad as a raven
My thoughts will pause, my throat will swell
When her name is spoken

And looking past the cold long sea
I cannot bear to wonder now
If the cascading soft lights
Are glowing for us in Moorestown
Are glowing for us in Moorestown

7. Harper Road

Blackberries ripe on the branches
Her skin is burning, she bends to pick them
Bake a delicious pie
For our aching stomachs sweet delight

Sorrow came in floods this April
Without reason hope or warning
we’re now in May, June, and July
Don’t leave my love, don’t leave my side

Brighter than moonlight glows
My love does for you
In dreams of Harper Road
I’ll always find you
stretched out like an orange tabby

And on the porch with ferns surrounding her
And there a breath she’ll take not often
There her hard troubles subtly soften

Wild oaks bare the deadliest drought
Like a mother’s will it snuffs out
And any flame comes round it breezin
And she’ll endure the driest season

My blood runs through my only daughter
Her eyes are mine, so wide with wonder
Be my voice, my light, my power
Be with me in my leaving hour

Brighter the moonlight glows
My love does for you
In dreams of Harper Road
I’ll always find you

8. Tonight The Sky

Her head lay back in blankets soft white down
Her hair warm Autumn colours, flowing
Our days were classroom poems, true young love
some nights we roared like lions, some we cooed like doves

I left her long ago one summer, chasing dreams
I hungered sweet explosions sweet nothings
I broke her heart not knowing she’d return
engraving scars deep in me, forever

I hear my sleeping sister
In the early morning hours
I hear her though it’s silent
Standing over me now

Tonight the skies
Will open for you
Mountains and big clouds
Divide us in two

She fell into his arms, his sweet strong kiss
she made her perfect gardens in this
World that turned its back, shook things round
In time it took our loving sister down

I met my fallen Angel one last time
I promised always through me she would shine
I held her hands, I sunk into her heart
Til powers unrelenting, pulled us apart

I saw my sleeping sister
Rising toward a light
A mist above the skyline
On that neverending night

Tonight bright stars
Are shining for you
Oceans and full moons
Deep midnight blue

I woke up every morning
Not believing her to be gone
Outside the doves and sparrows
Carried on

Building nests so sweetly
settling into spring
minding kids in their yards
Laughing and playing

I loved you like no other
Your eyes I can’t erase
Your voice it wakes me always
Pouring down from space

Like warm sun rays
You’re turning into
wind sails on cool bays
I’m watching for you

Tonight the skies
Are open for you
Mountains and big clouds
Dividing in two

9. Like The River

They floated downstream like swans in the sun
Surrounded by friends and loved ones
We watched on with smiles beaming so bright
The river behind them, the fading daylight

I knew her back from when she was younger
Those days poured out faster than rounds from a gun
Scattered like shells and lost to the sea
Like the river the days move rapidly

I have all these memories, I don’t know what for
I have them and I can’t help it
Some overflow and spill out like waves
some I will harbour
For all of my days

I burned liked oil, you grew like a flower
Rising toward your magical hour
I was not yours and you were not mine
Our true love finds us when it is time

10. Tonight in Bilbao

I walked the old eroded streets
A million miles now have gone behind me
walked in the room, soaked up its fumes
Surveyed the faces I am lying to

Gave what I had, I gave my heart
Though I was broken and falling apart
Gave for the memory of a friend
Not for myself and not for them

When I was done I met someone
She came in from the storm so bright and welcome
Her friends came and swept her away
Disappeared like coyotes off on dark high plains

I looked across the river so still
Trying to remember
Where it was last night I laid my head to sleep
Where the empty night hung heavily over

I left bilbao went to Madrid
To Barcelona, to Pamplona
where every ghost unto me known
Haunted me

I flew in over the red clay roofs
And floated through the clouds as they swelled and shook
The bronze tinted land and sea
And houses row the hills like yellowing teeth

When we touched down, opened my eyes to the sun
The dizzying air filled my lungs
And just as soon she woke me
My eyes blurry, my mind heavy

I left Milan I went to Rome
And carried her aroma to Verona
And all the kindness she had shown
Was only a dream

The Flurries danced on cold gray tombs
and frozen lots where ignored souls loomed
As last rays of daylight died
I’m blowing into my hands and clearing my eyes

And as the train pulled away from Cologne
The noise dimmed once so loudly it had grown
And as the engines burned through the night
I stared off at far-away lights

I left Berlin and I came home
To sleepy potions and blue oceans
Where my love so selflessly
Awaited me

I long to feel her light so warm
My thoughts racing to the places
Where her room invitingly
Awaited me

As the ocean brings in its high tide
As the darkness sets upon the beach
As we drive we look out at black cows
glowing store windows in old gold rush towns

Over the bridge, the city sparkles so bright
our hungry stomachs smell bread rise
Dim light a television bedding soft down
And here the perfect night as fog horns sound

We drove back downtown
Wasted and spent
Down highways that I remember
Happy for her and happy for me
The old times and the new to uncover

I laid down in bed, in love with the night
With my new love beside me, her radiant light
I faded away, along with my thoughts
and Like a train the night trailed off mystically

11. Blue Orchids

The ancient streets so crowded and narrow
The winding stairs climb up, up high
The air tonight hangs sour and heavy
I’m dying up here love, lie with me lie

The view electrical and sprawling
The city lights move out and on and on
Out there in the halo of the skyline
My guarding angel looks down upon me

Fall tonight sweet Paris Rain
Shower me in her warm kisses

A burning star on long lost highways
My fallen lover died so young
And all the gifts you gave I have them
And all your love I’m still holding onto

She rides the halo of the skyline
My fallen sister died so young
Our last goodbye I wanted to give you
To bathe the loss from your fading eyes

Close these sweeping long gray curtains
dizzying spiraling heights

Soft light pours into the room
Fingers glide over my face
her voice speaks, her figure moves
How could I walk these old dim halls again
How could I leave this room tomorrow

When she comes by every morning
Brings back pink and pale blue orchids

When she comes by every afternoon
Piano music weeps quietly
As May melts into June
When she comes by every evening
Lays down beside me softly breathing

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