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27 March 2020 –

Well look at that, nearly 2 years since i’ve posted anything here! I’ve just created a reddit for the site  I hope we can get the discussion going there, post your tabs, get help figuring out a song, let us hear your cover versions. The page is still a work in progress so looks a bit sparse but I hope to add some colour when I get time to work out the bits n bobs. Would be nice to see you there, thanks.

27 April 2018 –

It’s new tab time! Take Me Out V2 is now available

23 September 2017 – 

A comprehensive new version of Michael has been added. See V2 here.

22 September 2017 – 

I’m trying out some new themes so you will see changes to the site. I need something more responsive that supports browsing on phones/tablets. Thanks for the patience and get in touch with any bugs you might see!

26 July 2017 – 

A live version of Track Number 8 from Among The Leaves.

26 June 2017 – 

Somehow The Wonder of Life Prevails, Misc section.

09 June 2017 –

Two more from Benji, the beautiful ‘I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same’ and ‘Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes’

07 June 2017 –

A live version of Church of the Pines added

23 May 2017 –

Ceiling Gazing can be found in the Miscellaneous section.

02 Nov 2016 –

Like The River added.

20 Dec 2015 –

Version 2 of Last Tide from GOTGH

01 Dec 2015 –

Katy Song Version 6!

19 Oct 2015 –

One for the Misc. Section. Try out Gustavo

23 Aug 2015 –


13 Mar 2015 –

Alternative version of Admiral Fell Promises (V2)

28 Dec 2014 –

2000 Miles from Mark Kozelek Sings Christmas Carols is here

13 Oct 2014 –

Micheline tab uploaded.

09 Sep 2014 –

Carissa tab added and Lyrics.

10 July 2014 –

A blast from the past, Mistress Version 4! Here

26 June 2014 –

That Bird Has A Broken Wing – Uploaded

22 April 2014 –

Truck Driver has been tabbed and is on the Benji Tab Page, how does it sound?

15 Feb 2014 –

Check out Jim Wise 

12 Feb 2014 –

Black Kite has been uploaded.

10 Feb 2014 – 

I Know it’s Pathetic… for you to try. Also hot in from the new album I Can’t Live Without My Mothers Love.

04 Feb 2014 – 

First tab of 2014 submitted. Find Me, Ruben Olivares Version 2. The author welcomes any comments on accuracy etc (you’ll always find their contact details at the end of a tab, where possible. of course you can message me too!) Thanks for the continued effort folks, I know tabbing can be a tiresome affair.

09 Dec 2013 –

Track Number 8 has been kindly tabbed.

21 July 2013 –

The Winery here

24 June 2013 –

Carpet Crawlers and I Killed Mommy uploaded, from the Like Rats album.

09 May 2013 –

Among The leaves uploaded for your strumming pleasure.

03 Mar 2013 –

New uploads – Lonely Mountain , Silly Girl and Onward

30 Nov 2012

A few new tabs added. Sunshine In Chicago, Elaine, Young Love, Song For Richard Collopy. Full credit to the original tabbers!

15 Mar 2012 – 

Live versions of the following songs on youtube to aid in playing. Green Manalishi, Celebrated Summer, Teenage Riot, Albuquerque, Convenient Parking, Michael.

27 Jan 2012 – 

I had a request to collate the Tab by tuning (Tablature menu) in the hope it would make the effort to detune your guitar more productive. Seemed to make sense so I set about gathering Tab. I’ve stuck to tunings where there are 4 or more the same for now. Also I didn’t consider tunings in standard, just those out of the norm. Hope it helps. Corrections / comments welcome, Thanks.

12 Jan 2012 – 

The tuning for Trailways is now correct (it was a simple DADGAD). Time to flex those fingers and take on this epic then?

08 Jan 2012 –

A few tunings that may be of interest (top of page).


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