1. Ålesund
  2. Half Moon Bay
  3. Sam Wong Hotel
  4. Third and Seneca
  5. You Are My Sun
  6. Admiral Fell Promises
  7. The Leaning Tree
  8. Australian Winter
  9. Church of the Pines
  10. Bay of Skulls


1. Alesund

No this is not my guitar
I’m bringing it to a friend
and no i don’t sing
i’m only humming along
up here in the air
i’m just mumbling at the clouds
wanting to be known
while i pass the lonely hours

I came down from the moon
i saw you in the rain
laughing with some people
hair dripping down your face
your calm hypnotic eyes
with Scandinavian glow
i felt them like a flame
kindling my cold bones

tonight you were my muse
as i built it and i strung
trying not to drown
in the helicopter alone


from the crowd i heard
you sing a pretty line
was it there so much love
that i wanna cry
i thought about it long
had you repeat it in my ear
i couldn’t place it though
but loved you being so close

i should’ve played it then
from the intro to the end
when they offered me the stage
at the bar we landed in
but i turned and walked
away from all the fun
and back into the black
seaside night of our sun


2. Half Moon Bay

The saddest eyes she wore
so longing and forlorn
they made me love you more and more

The bluest heart she owns
as she gets more and more alone
as the deepest cello drones

The oldest yard cat sings
her mournful bellowing
from branches in a tree

The stillest oceans rare
With them bring havoc in there
Upon the land they’ll sweep

The painful midnight crys
when one leaves the world behind
leaves the world behind
leaves the world behind

And here in half moon bay
hear the hum of the highway
hum of the highway

Highway one
Grey clouds muted suns

down by the footbridge stream
I am walking in a dream
wailing in my dreams

cause when her time was through
I could not be there for you
I couldn’t care for you

I hear the traffic come down the old highway one
down the devil’s sliding run
and nothing clears these stains
not the January rains
rising in the street

There by the bayleaf tree
Our lonley bird eyes meet
Lonley bird eyes lonley bird eyes meet

Under the blue moonbeams
I am wandering in my dreams
walking in my, wandering in a dream

Highway one
Grey clouds muted suns
Highway one
Grey clouds muted suns

3. Sam Wong Hotel

There by the blue, blue sea
On my morning walks
Seagulls dip and sway
Over mossy rocks

Oh feel the wind blowing in
Cool summer days
Boats in the bay
Sailing along

Under a lone palm tree
On my easy rest
Centred in my gaze
Her pretty yellow dress

Oh Catherine, drifts again
Into my mind
Freezing the time
She visits me still

Oh Marina
Pastel hues
Which one tomorrow
Of your many moons

Coast guard city lights
My late evening walks
Down the port’s mouth square
Pass Sam Wong Hotel

Oh, Chinatown
Closing down
Ghosts ??
Eerily dressed

Oh harp player
On Grant Ave.
Which one tomorrow
of your haunting tunes

4. Third and Seneca

In my room at Third and Seneca
See the pigeons peck on tall roof tops
Homeless on the corners, they carouse
Ferries float out in the Puget Sound

Scenesters with their beards and tennis shoes
Skinny girls and pudgy ugly dudes
Lift their amplifiers from the ditches
Southern doormen brood in barroom witches

Seattle black, Alaska blue
Oregon grey, raincloud Vancouver
Dead in Denver, drowsy Idaho
Just dreams away from her love, San Francisco

In my room at Laurel and Beverly
Your mind blossoms, mine is withering
I retire and you’re aspiring
You’re dream-chasing, I’m only escaping

Blood orange LA, blood red Arizona
Lonestar Sante Fe, lone palm La Pomona
Old soul San Antonio, dry grass of El Paso
Lifetimes away from her love, I know

From my view at 32nd Street
Winter throws its snow down heavily
Empty halls of friends who’ve come and gone
I’m awoken, rushed, and dragged along

New York, New York, New Haven, Hoboken
Their skylines appear spinning past in fast motion
The words we shared dissolved as they’re spoken
All worlds away from my love

5. You Are My Sun

you are my life dark cities
you fill the lungs of the day
you are my love radiant and pretty overseas
you find ways of bringing hope
in lonely hours gloom of night
empty mornings

you are a stem of wild flowers
rolling hills round the bay
you are a calf in the meadows
soaring gulls in the sway

you are a friend in the shadows
there to bring when I need
you are the sweetness of the cellos
there to mend if I bleed

you are a swing sleepy porches
the warm light on my face
you are a charge of wild horses
you are the sun

you are my sun
seeping over spilling out
over the mountains
you are my sun


your fingers
breeze of these sad days
the gentle waves
of guitars playing


death sends the stairs
light as air
blessed sun


6. Admiral Fell Promises

come out from the burning fire, butterfly
let me lock you in my room and keep you for a while
could you be the answer to my every prayer?
could you be the one now for who I care?

come into my arms and let your worries die
come out from the web of all your tangled lies
but be true to me and i’ll be true to you
judge me not for what i’ve done but what i’ll do

a million nights have led
to this one that we are spending
and i know it’s better here
than anywhere i’ve been going
where every morning grew
a void more wide and endless

come out from the burning fire, butterfly
let me lock you in my room and keep you for a while
you watch over me and i’ll watch over you
and if you go tomorrow, choke me til i’m blue

a thousand days have passed
in this house she and i were sharing
and i hate myself for it
but i have stopped caring
the Maryland sky tonight
is black and blue and beautiful

7. The Leaning Tree

Scattered relics of your love
Lying round your dusty coves
Bearing old souls, opening old scars
Dissonant wallow of guitars
Burning off Indian sun
On the water barges hum
Through the bay window panes
Colors magnify and glaze

Sleepy poet’s perfect dream
Pass the homes along the sea
This I would, this I will
Leave to join you in the hills

For you I would, for you I will
Leave this for the auburn hills
Find your old peeling house
Find you out there

Hear the outcall from the tree
Smell the midnight forest breathe
Shield you from the stalking night
Wake you in the morning

You came to me, in a dream
Waking down the path by the cold icy stream
The white of the snow coating the pines
In the sierra wintertime

You disappeared, you left me alone
In the old master-room of my mountain home
And I called for you so many times
And long for one more day with you in my life
I long for one more day with you in my life

I see you there in my dreams
Your poise is perfect, that of a statuesque queen
Your beautiful hair, your ocean blue eyes
That bear the depths of your losses inside

And I begged of you so many times
To forgive me once and for all, for all of my lies
To forgive me once and for all, for all of my lies

Oh, Miami
The leaning tree
Like a dying ?

As we pass
The long dead grass
Thirsty in the sun

Memories rest
Beyond the broken fence
Let their spirits be

The birds have left
Their mothers nest
On the roses thorns

There they sway
Over the bleach white grey
Sprawled over the hill

8. Australian Winter

Up through the ashes you rose
leaving earth forever purer than before

all of her goodness enclosed
With an ever burning red volcanic glow
From your honest eyes I stole
and not forsaken you and I amount to nothing

Still up these rivers we’ll row
following a long fishing flow forever

I fly around the earth
fluttering alone humming like a swallow

I send their long eyes to sleep
but their applause leaves me blank and hollow

The ocean beneath me is loneliness
the cities are all one repeating and repeating

The haunted rustling of leaves
Screeching across the porch
rain drops pluck the window

I pull myself underneath
her warm soft blankets
this Australian Winter

9. Church Of The Pines

Spring, spring
Flowers blossom and bloom
Squirrel, squirrel
Jumped down onto my roof
Sparrow, cardinal, hummingbird
Redwood, holly-tree, juniper

The service moves slowly through the hills
Faint sound of the highway
And night sets on the church of pines
Ending the day, they lay down to rest

From my room I look at the street
And see the youth passing along
While I unwind, head in a song
And in my bed I play the guitar
I loosen the strings ’til I find a tone
And if it don’t come
Then I’ll put it down

Howl, howl
Dogs of the neighborhood
Moon glow
Over the gravestones
Dance fire, strangle the black coals
The lamplight, the fallen fence-post

A sun rises over the tree-line
With welcoming morning light
Days sets on the church of pines
One day we’ll all be laid to rest

From the hills I look up at stars
And feel the darkness swell like a bruise
And in my head I’m playing with words
I scramble and strain to find the right ones
Sometimes there are none
Sometimes they don’t come

10. Bay of Skulls

Had I known had I been warned
The hawks will hover, buzzards swarm
The rattlers strike and scorpions sting
Their tiny droughts can slay your king

You have told so many lies
Said them right into my eyes
Used your powers to lure them
Crashed into your hopeless sand

The bay of skulls have found you
The bay of skulls have found you

The moon has settled for the night
The days pass faster than I’d like
For I have travelled many miles
Have been met with many smiles

And every April grey winged doves
Build their nests and guard their young
From my garden window view
Hear their early morning coo